What is  STREAM?

STREAM is a cloud repository and management tool for state tax notices. It scans tax notices from any state and digitally extracts and stores key values in an interactive and intuitive dashboard.

Powerful notice digitalization

STREAM’s powerful optical character recognition is particularly well suited for extracting data from fields in tables and forms that state tax notices typically contain. The OCR digitally extracts key values from any notice from any state and feeds it into STREAM’s machine learning pipeline.


Notice classification
with deep learning

The deep learning models in STREAM’s machine learning pipeline were designed and trained exclusively for capturing key values from tax notices from all states. Effectively, STREAM “reads” state tax notices just like a human would. Only much faster, and more accurate.


Automate your work

In the process, with each imported state tax notice STREAM automatically populates an overview with key values. Imported state tax notices can be sorted and filtered by state, taxpayer, notice type and/or by tax period. The notice overview can also be exported to Excel with just the click of a button for easy reporting. 



Choose a plan that’s right for you.


30 Day Trial

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$ 99 .00per user
per month


  • Perfect for institutional investors and large corporations


  • Ideal for large professional tax services providers

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